Date Night On A Budget Under $100

Date nights have always been my most anticipated activity I have looked forward to when it comes to spending time with my husband. After all, we are best friends and who wouldn’t want to spend some one on one time with your significant other.

Well after having 5 kids, a mortgage and a dog there are times that require some creativity. That said, I have come up with some great ideas for a date night on a budget and the best thing they are under $100!

  • Drive-in the beauty here is you can go the honest route and order from the on-site vendors however if any of you grew up with a mama who had a “movie purse” then you know a good run to the dollar store and a family pack from KFC will do the trick
  • go-to takeout, park overlooking the Puget Sound and a bottle of wine
  • food truck and a park bench, creates a less formal vibe but full of inside jokes and good burgers
  • Sushi ala cart, I know my husband would love this but it is a cheaper experience if you don’t sit at a dining table but rather the sushi bar. Stock up on rolls and a few sakes you can stay under budget. Happy husband, Happy home..well something like that
  • Happy Hour, if anyone says they don’t do happy hour, well you just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Half price cocktails and tapas, rack them up and can get at least 4-5 rounds and in a great venue can be worth the time
  • Adult Swim, in my neighborhood the community pool they have an adult night. The pool is only open to adults, leave the kiddos at home. You can bring your own drinks but no glass! Bring a bite and with the $11/pp cover charge and whatever to-go option you select you are well within your budget
  • Coffee date, although I and my husband are more tea fans. The perfect cafe can lend itself to some live music, poetry slam or just mingling with the locals
  • Picnic anyone, this is by far my favorite option. The most invested in a picnic basket but once you’ve invested in a good one you will only need to worry about filling it. You can set up at a beach, a park, at the lake, the possibilities are endless. Hey, even a living room, living in the Pacific Northwest can be tricky with the weather being unpredictable.

What’s important is to be creative and recognize its quality over quantity. I guarantee you there will be days filled with 5star places to be wined and dinned, but the way adulting is set up that can be few and far between. I had literally had the best time enjoying laughing and bonding over going to an essential oils introduction class with Joel. It had a lot to do with finding things we both can enjoy. Museums, aquariums, libraries, even antique window shopping. We have found ourselves never pulling for our wallets because as long as we are together we realized it didn’t matter what we were doing. Date night is not about the location it’s about who you’re with. So with that said I’m going to start my date night now, with an old fashion Netflix and “Chill”

Shine Bright!

Jeans: Fashionova

Shoe: Zara

Sweater: Express

Blouse: H&M


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