How to Live the Life of a Multi-Tasking Content Creator

“Multi-tasking..the art of messing up several things at one”

I get tons of messages asking how I manage it all? How am I finding the extra two hours after a 24 hour day to do the things, I need to do and want to do. Well, it starts with me placing the title of a self-proclaimed queen of multi-tasking. I mean juggling has become my Olympic sport. I possess a drive and a passion to conquer the world and if you are similar or have a true interest in achieving the best success rate in multi-tasking then this is the post for you!

So let’s run down what I like to call categories of my life down. How to navigate Multi-tasking, Family, Work, and Creative Expression?

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What I like to do is be extremely intentional with my time when in regards to my relationship with my husband. Some may say weekly “date nights” and don’t get me wrong I agree BUT when you work full-time, parents and other aspirations you get real inventive real quick so “date night” could mean watching a Netflix movie and kicking the kids out of the shared space, it could mean taking a walk around the neighborhood, and even a gym date (more my husband’s idea of a good time) so as a wife I hold myself to a certain standard. I make sure my husband has a meal every night when he gets home, this, in my opinion, is an action that shows I care even if we can’t spend alone time due to our schedules and when I’m exhausted I communicate that I need him to take the lead and figure out dinner but for the most part I tried to plan or I wing it.  I think it’s important to state in multi=tasking you have to possess the ability to utilize your resource and ask for help when you can. Sometimes I actually book an appointment on his studio schedule (he’s a barber) as a client to steal time to spend 1:1 with him. So all in all, be intentional and even if there isn’t an opportunity for traditional “date nights” meet in the middle. Shoot we “connect” in the morning before work OKKAYYY

Becoming a mother is probably the first training I ever had with the art of multi-tasking. I had my oldest pretty young, some may not feel 20 is young but I was a BABY. Ok, so it was juggling college, a newborn and yup still had to work. I had to feed the child (face-palm). Either way, my responsibility tripled and I’m not going to lie, the family played a real role in this. It truly takes a village but I still have to figure out our morning routine. Our afternoon pick-up and drop off, dinner, bath time, dinner and then me time…a routine is key. Think about what needs to be tackled on a daily basis. There will be times you will not be as successful as most but trying is the key and having great intentions.

The moment you falter and get too behind you will and I repeat YOU WILL get overwhelmed and it’s hard to ditch to climb out of. I recommend, being outspoken about where you need the help. If it’s a neighbor, a fellow mom, a family member that you can trust..hey we all have one that is questionable. Don’t stay in a place where all it could take is simply stating a need for a second to get it together. I was much more successful managing all of it but every now and again saying ok, no more on my plate, can be huge. Practice it out loud.


Blogging. So this could be a novel but I will limit myself to a few paragraphs. My journey to being a blogger was one of the gradual proportions. I still have a 9-5 job, so finding the time to write a post and actively engage with my audience on social platforms is a real balancing act. Some may say balance is bullshit but one thing I found to be true is you find the flow for the things you want.

That’s exactly how I approach fitting this creative expression into my daily life. Blog when you can, set the time frame whether a few hours or a couple of minutes. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready…ok that was intense but truly if you want to tackle this blogger/vlogger space it is necessary to plan ahead. Have content in the chamber. Especially for days, you are in a runt, or for goodness sakes are sick. I mean mother nature has no chill. Ask me how I know?!


Well, this can be seasonal but the beautiful things are and I will let you in on a little secret…I only pull this card out when I don’t want to spend my 9-5 coin. I can get a few gigs under my belt and boom, vacation paid for. It’s a side hustle none the less but a hustle I truly enjoy. It doubles as me time because I’m playing in makeup and I’m chatting it up with bomb clients! I’m a girlie girl, I can’t help it.


Ya girl is working on that but I would say if you surround yourself with like-minded friends then the busy doesn’t rock the friend boat. I have to say that my closest circle is where I am in life. A wife, a mother, a career woman and creative. Honestly, it makes getting together; one we cherish. It is a time we celebrate wins when we – in the words of  Kéla Walker… Busy, Booked, Blessed

In summary, I find multi-tasking a sport but you can get benched quickly without a plan and a support system. Maintain the small load before adding another. If you are in a relationship, run it by your partner. You never know see if they can assist with an alley-oop in a crunch.

Shine Bright!


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  1. Darla
    September 15, 2018 / 2:03 pm

    Gurl! You make me laugh you make me cry because being a single mother of 2 black boys raised in Aurora, CO……. I SEE you! Lol! I relate to your stories and love the Traditional, yet modern and respectful Union in your marriage!

    * And I randomly found a you tube video of you, when I searched for tutorials for makeup by dark complexion women!

    I have been a follower ever since! You rock! Keep up the great work!

    • Ambra
      September 18, 2018 / 4:43 pm

      This warms my heart. Thank you so much for the support!

      I found writing my feelings help me process the pain, and pleasure! You continue to shine and be the example of the Queen you are for your boys! Make it hard for their future partners hahah xoxo

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