Newly Weds – Marriage Round 2 but Forever!


I don’t think I’ve spoken about my personal life much at all on social media. With most digging you would find I am a wife, a mother and a lover of all things beauty. However this post I want to share a bit more on my marriage as it has been some time since my nuptials and I have learned so much!

Joel and I met a year after I moved to Seattle, work brought me 3000 miles away from where I am from, away from family and friends and I along with 2 small boys in tow took a leap of faith and jump to the opportunity to literally start over. I left a 11yr relationship with the boy’s father and we were only married 2 years before we called it quits.

I was emotionally drained, mentally and physically exhausted. However, you would never had known, I didn’t have time to “FEEL” I had two children, a new career and a new environment to manage.

Fast forward to meeting Joel an active soldier in the US Army, I was taken aback, I didn’t date much and as a typical Libra I am a serial monogamous. We would speak on the phone for hours, about music, food, cultural, faith. We lived quite a distance away from each other so seeing each other frequent was a challenge.

Here’s where I say buckle up and enjoy the ride. This next part of the story is not, I repeat NOT for everyone but the lesson here is when you ask for something don’t be shocked how fast GOD delivers on the desires of your heart!

We dated a month, Joel asked me to marry him 2 months later, we moved in together 3 months later, were engaged a year and a half (my only stipulation…hey I’m not THAT crazy, can I find out if you like flaps or the drumstick first LOL) the boys absolutely loved him. I specifically remember my oldest son coming to me one day and saying “Thank You” Mom, thank you for bringing us to Mr. Joel’s (soon after they asked to call him Dad and we obliged) I damn near started crying right then and there. As a mother your greatest fear is failing your children with your dumb decisions but I prayed for a man like my husband flaws and all so I had to be faithful even at the pace of our courtship.

Present day we have now been married almost 2yrs, not every day is unicorn and sprinkles TRUST! A city girl from Baltimore and a New Yorker by way of the Caribbean man we had our FIREY moments!  We have grown, been tested, challenged and even ALMOST broke up. However, remember when I mentioned I prayed for my husband even before I met him, I was true to one thing there is no TEST without testimony. Earlier this year my husband and I rededicated our lives to GOD. Living every day in faith and taking it one day at a time to continue to get to know how we want to be loved, build on our friendship and repair from past hurt. This is what was missing in my previous marriage, but GOD knew best…not now Ambra but soon. Joél and I pray every morning together…even when I am a complete crab and moody (I don’t do mornings well LOL) but Joel keeps us honest and it sets our day up for success.

I hesitated a lot in my relationship, because I was caught up on timing… “we just met” “is this too fast” “will this opportunity of true love pass by” “marriage numero dos!” I mean the private conversations I had with myself was brutal but now I can see GOD was teaching me to listen even when I was too busy listening to outside opinions on my relationship and allow them to cloud my head.

Round 2 has been a knock out, no need to go another round. This is our forever. I was young in my previous marriage, I didn’t really know what I wanted and my true self outgrew my previous partner. I clearly had to have these amazing boys, they were destined I had to have that experience, I had to go through that growth for the relationship I once prayed for come to fruition.

“I love my past; I love my present. I am not ashamed of what I’ve had, an I am not sad that I have it no longer” ~ Unknown

Shine Bright,


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